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18 year old and 16 year old Navy be regarded dating a minor?

so me and my boyfriend has hit a snag. hes 18 im 15, 16 soon. anyway this is a minor dating Consider if im 16? i dont want him to dishonorable discharge Have. Any advice too? because im 15 now and advice for now would be great also.


  1. uh yea its illegal 18- Adult 15- Junior

  2. umm depends on your state..dont listen to that other person–as long as you dont run up and down telling everyone you are 15 then you can relax..and seeing that you will be 16 its ok..you both are young–no one is going to care.

  3. could be an issue down the line, I know it’s an a**hole response but for yours and his peace of mind, separate for now and wait 2 years. The military is a part of the world ,some will like you and some will hate you. Some one could notify the authorities about your relationship (even if your parents are cool with it) and it could be blown out more than it really is.

  4. Yes, you’d both have to be 21 to be legal.

  5. yea it’s illegal and it does not matter what state your in, he follows military law and rules not state or local laws…it won’t be legal until your 18…….

  6. Mistress Mayhem

    Tiff you already asked this three times so you know the answer to this, please stop tryign to find a father figure replacement, WHERE IN THE HECK ARE YOUR PARENTS IN ALL THIS!!!! I would be freaking out if I were your MOM!!!! what the heck is wrong with your mother, does she like her daughter to be in what might be a pedephile relationship??? what is wrong with parents today???

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