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A question about adult dating (for adult guys to answer – gravement)?

I am dating a guy, and we talk on the phone often. When we talk, hey Does MOST of the talking, and Seems To Be uninterested in what II have to say. Also, He Has a child (and I do as well) and talks about history Constantly (Which is fine) but pretty much sits in silence When I talk about mine. It’s like ET Does not really care to hear about my child and our experiences or something. I am a little annoyed by this – but I do not want to say anything due to year argument, Because It Seems a little silly. Guys – what does this mean? Help me out here. I’m trying to figure out the puzzle of the male “brain.” It’s ok, I do not mind if women answer, I just teeny boppers Did not want answering – lol. . . Here’s Another scenario: If You Had / have kids, and You Were Someone WAS dating on the phone, and you stopped to answer the child, and the person you are dating Said “What, is she bothering you?” in kind of annoyed tone – What would you think? I’m Concerned Because I feel like if this ever Went Any further, ET Would treat my child like a burden or second fiddle. I can not accept Someone like that.


  1. He is insecure and selfish..sorry…

  2. How about – I’d rather not say because I think you know what it means. Tough choices ahead. Good luck!

  3. There is no puzzle here. He’s clearly self absorbed and using you to vent out all of his feelings. I would dump him and find someone truly interested in you. Sorry, I’m not a guy, but had to say this.

  4. it is a game and the game is attention. He is concerned about getting attention for himself and not concerned about your needs

  5. Maybe he is just not a good conversationalist. when you are telling him about your child, try to include him in the conversation. Try to relate your child to his. ” does johnny do that too?”maybe have some shared experiences between the 4 of you, so you both have something to talk about. When he talks to you , use some punctuation comments like “Is that right”, it may make him respond in a similar manner.

  6. I agree with sstubbs30. She sounds on target.

  7. wiseenuf2knobtr,butdoinitanyway!

    The answer to this question really depends on what kind of guy you are dating an how long… If you haven’t been dating long, maybe he doesn’t feel comfortable putting his “two cents” in when it comes to things about your child. It is possible that he has some sort of problem with the way you are with your child but doesn’t want upset you. Some guys do have feelings and manners and it is possible that we can be considerate of yours… is your guy like that or not?

  8. If you feel that by his “silence”, he is uninterested in what you have to say about your child, then you should let him know how you feel, irregardless of whether it seems “a little silly”. Forget about figuring out “the puzzle of the male brain” – figure out what your own feelings mean to you and act upon them.

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