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Adult (18) Dating Minor (15) Is it Legal in Va?

I’m about to turn 15 and my boyfriend turns 18 two months later. We’re JUST DATING, my dad does not approve goal of the relationship. Would my boyfriend go to jail When he turns 18? I live in Virginia. .


  1. There are no laws that govern dating aside from the laws that your parents put down, the criminal law aspect doesn’t come into play until there is sexual activity.

    I agree with your dad.

  2. Your boyfriend is eventually going to want to have sex with you. If you give in, then know that your boyfriend is then subject to criminal charges under Va’s statutory rape laws.

    I agree with your dad. I dated a few older guys when I was your age…they all eventually wanted to have sex. I know you think he is “different” and he makes you feel special, but chances are he is just like most guys and will want it.

  3. It’s legal to date anyone you want to. It would be illegal for you two to have sex, I think, but you’re too young for sex anyway.

    Legality aside, you need to have an honest talk with your dad. Going out with someone who’s about 3 years older is not necessarily a problem, but he is your father, and you are not even fifteen, and he sets the rules right now. You need to get clear with him about what exactly he disapproves of (age? maturity level? you dating in general?). And does disapprove here mean forbid or just recommend against?

  4. For only dating, there is no laws against it, as long as there is no sexual contact between the two of you. If you two get involved in sex, then the law gets involved too. The age of consent in Virginia is 18, with a close in age exception which allows teenagers aged 15, 16 and 17 to engage in sexual acts, but only with a partner younger than 18.

    There is also an issue that when he turns 18, there are many things he can legally do that you cannot. If he does these with you involved, he could be charged with that. And, he is not allowed to take you across state lines without your parent’s consent. If he does, it becomes a federal felony charge.

  5. Of course it’s legal. No jurisdiction in the United States has any laws against dating.

    Your dad might not approve of the relationship, but your boyfriend is not at risk for any legal trouble here.

  6. IF your dad disapproves enough than it will become illegal to even date

    Here is a scenario:

    Your boyfriend takes you out, your dad calls the police and tells them that an 18 year old is harassing his daughter and he wants a restraining order

    Police have a nice talk with boyfriend saying leave the girl alone

    Boyfriend picks you up again a week later, cops pull him over and arrest him for breaking the restraining order…

    Your parents do have a right to refuse letting you see someone they disagree with

    In the long run most don’t because of the damage it would cause with their relationship with you

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