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Adult dating a minor in illinois?

Okay so i am 14 and He Is Almost 18 and we want to date but i dont want anything bad or illegal to Be When He turns 18 goal What Are The Laws Against an 18 year old dating a 14 year old? we live in illinoisThanks


  1. ♥Carol Brady♥

    There is only one reason why an 18 yr old would want to date a 14 year old child, and it isn’t good. You are far too young to date anyway.

  2. you should google you local statutes on statory rape and indecent liberties with a minor. as long as it doesn’t fall into those cataogories, you should be fine.

  3. gotta agree with carol

    an 18 year old man is after one thing sex once he has had it with you he will be gone

    date guys in your own grade and age

    age of consent in ill is 17


    he has sex with you its rape as your not old enough to consent

  4. The only reason he would date you is that he cannot contend with a person his own age. He wants to win the arguments, and make you his pet. Then when he’s done with you, or in jail for statutory rape he’ll move on to someone as young as you once were. Don’t date a rapist!

  5. It may be legal rape, but one thing for certain IT IS EMOTIONAL RAPE! Let him go, find some nice 14 year old to hold hands, and to share your young and precious moments. At 14, don’t get serious. Enjoy BEING 14. You will be glad you did when you are older. I promise!

  6. There are no laws, in any State, that restrict who you can date.

    At 14, though, ANY sexual activity (even just ‘making out’) will send him to jail.


  7. Dating isn’t illegal, sex or sexual contact is illegal.

  8. You can date, that is legal. Once their is some sort of sexual activity, that’s when it starts to become illegal.

    If you have sex, and someone finds out, he will go to prison for a long time, and become a registered sex offender.

    Is this something you really want to get involved in? Take my advice; don’t get involved.

  9. Tell him to get lost,hes up to no good.For your protection stay away from him at all cost.

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