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adult dating a minor?

Asking this im On behalf of my friend. . . . . Okay so my friends daughter who is 17, is dating a 20 year old, now all the Parents Involved are fine with it, aim it is illegal in the state of California? there is no sexual contact or anything of the fate. and If They go to another state, even if legal in icts Their home state, Could They still get charged in the other state? thanks for reading / answering!


  1. yeah it is illegal

    but i dont thin their age gap is a big deal

  2. She should have sex with him at 18 so he won’t get arrested and be label a pedophile.

    I think in NYS, it’s 17, but on the safe side i would wait until 18 lol.

  3. If they don’t do the dew then it’s fine. No different then a 20 year old dating a 23 year old. And if the parents are fine with it then I wouldn’t worry.

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