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Adult dating (craigslist) how to Succeed at it?

I’m a single guy (about 30) sick of drama looking for fun purpose. —— So I’ve Tried Lately answering adult dating ads in “casual encounters” on craigslist. I’m 6’0 athletic build Partly muscular (think Lance Armstrong) and very toned view my face looks only “average-ish” (though I do not go around apologizing Certainly for it). ——————– I Have Noticed A Few odd trends; Mainly looking for women 21-23 Much Older Men (often Claiming Young Ones do not last long Enough gold Do not Know What They Are Doing) and Another trend weird people just flat out looking for size (and, no, I’m not dumb Enough to send out pictures of that!). And, of course, I refuse to pay for anything Along the way b / c then it Becomes white-washed aussi prostitution and refuses to see women 21 and Under Who can not look Provider ID. ———— What’s a Good Way to come across as strong and good. . . Without doing anything stupid to get there?

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