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Adult dating question?

Why does it Seem To Be So important year for adult one year early date to disguise it if HE HAS strong feelings for the female dating He Is? In Other Words, Do not Scare Her off by letting Her know you think she IS really cool. It Seems to Me That Being honest is more important, yet EVERYONE I Have talked to says, it low key on the first FEW dates and donation does she really let it That Send You!


  1. well let her know you love her

  2. I like it if a guy tells me he likes me. Maybe they are afraid they won’t be manly if they say that. Or maybe they are afraid that you don’t think the same way. It could be lots of things. I have often wondered that too.

  3. I dont know. Because the guy I’m seeing hasnt showed overwhelming feelings even though I really like him, and to me it is very frustrating, because I know I have to wait awhile before he shows me for real, you know…i dont know….I would tell her….

  4. I think it is okay to let someone know you think they are cool and everything. Only I went out with a guy and on our third date he asked me “Where do you see this going? I mean I really like you.” That freaked me out and I am really good with relationships and taking it slow. Just don’t fall too fast ok?

  5. take it slow, sometimes telling them u love them too soon would creep them out before they dont know you well enough

  6. Don’t go crazy and tell her you can’t live without her but if it were me I’d love it if a guy would just tell me right off the bat that he really has a strong interest in me.

  7. itotallyruletheworld

    If you come off too strong on the first date you reek of desperation and that is hardly sexy. The first date is just to get to know the other party and see if there is a possibility of a second date to which you can profess your undying love and propose.

  8. I was dating this wonderful woman and I fell in love with her. I was honest with her and told her that I was not afraid of a relationship but that I would not play any games with her so, if she was after something different this was the time to exit.

    We ended up getting married, a long time ago. Been happy ever since!

    See where being honest with a woman will get you?

  9. A woman usually wants to know how much she’s cared about.

  10. Because it scares us when guys fall too fast. It pressures us poor girls into feeling that we need to feel the same.. right away. We need time to get to know you.. just because we might not be head over heels straight away doenst mean it wont happen. We just need time to feel genuinely attached. And I guess if a guy is saying how much they like us on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd date, we wonder how that could be possible so soon and question whether those feelings are genuine.
    I had this problem recently… the guy was very nice and seemed to like me VERY much.. and I really wanted to get to know him… slowly… but all the pressure from him to return his feelings put me off. I said could we just be friends… I felt better and more attracted to him without the pressure. But after a little while he doesnt want to know me anymore. So I guess he didnt really like me that much after all. It just all fizzled out. Sad.
    So I guess I’m saying that it’s ok to tell a girl that you value who she is etc, but dont go overboard… give her room to get to know you first before she can feel the same.. if you really like her you’ll respect her space.

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