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Adult Dating Site Scammers?

I Had my wife makes adult dating site was 7 or 8 years ago. After my marriage ended I Decided That Would Be the dating sites a good place to “jump back in”. I signed up for two of the Most Popular sites and Without a pic or much of a profile I Began getting hits. Most Were From The Other Side of the country and Were Obviously not “sincere” ads. I contacted Them Asking questions aim never got a reply. Does anyone know Who puts up thesis or why? They Can not Be sincere scammers They Do not reply or ask for anything (same logic apply to Would Possibly Being prostitutes). I do not remember this happening back in “the good old days”. Is it a recent Phenomenon?


  1. I think people go on a bunch of sites and just open accounts and forget about them. The same thing you’re going through has happened to me as well.

  2. They could be scammers. A romance scammer will often message dozens of potential victims at once, if not more. That’s why you sometimes don’t see a reply: the scammer’s hooked into a better-looking victim, so he’s moved on.

    The basic rule of thumb is that, if the person wants money from you, s/he’s probably a scammer. Don’t believe that you have to pay a translator so that you may continue e-mailing your Russian hottie. Don’t wire money for a visa so that your e-love can come live with you forever and ever. Don’t wire money for anything, from doctor’s bills to food.

    Unfortunately, there are quite a few romance scammers out there, preying on lonely people. The best thing is to ignore these jerks once you figure out that they’re scamming you. And visit scamwarners.com for lots of other information about this scam.

  3. I think these are done by the site administrators to encourage you to subscribe so that you can reply to the messages. have a look at http://thebest-datingsites.com for a list of genuine ones

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