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Adult dating sites are effective?

I m based in Delhi, India and Have some frustration in life. . I need a GF for support? Adult dating sites are effective or just a wastage of money? My problem IS serious, pls. do not answer and abuse Seriously. . .


  1. frustations in life? are you sure you need a GF for support? I do not mean it in a bad way.. it’s just that.. people want comfort and care from other people.. maybe you just need a bestfriend or something…

  2. yea there good but you need to watch out for the weird ones.

  3. there are plenty of free sites and depends what you are looking for and how you look

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    dating sites are not the right place to seeking for gf, if u r serious.
    Lookout for gfs in real life…
    if u want someone just for support even a fren can do, n m sure u have many frenz!

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