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adult dating sites thesis are for real?

thesis i get pop-ups for adult dating sites from time to time. I’ve Always wondered if and pictures of the beautiful half-naked thesis to totoally naked women in spread-eagle poses Actually live in the small town that i live in. or Are They just made up accounts in Luring me, Much like the sirens of the oddysey.


  1. rip off just waiting for you, you would be better off going to the laundromat to meet women

  2. Definitely a lure. Don’t fall for it. They just want your $.

  3. oh, haaaiiilllll no!

  4. No they’re not, or else everyone would have sexy wives. These adult dating sites are out to get your money. Just think, if these women are so beautiful, why do they need a dating site? They would be better off finding some guy – not on the internet, where any tom, dick, or harry can see them.

    Those ads are a lure to their sites, where to join you need money. It’s an advertising tactic.

    You’re better off with someone you can actually meet in real life (like straightaway, not on the net).

  5. No. You can meet real people there but they really want your money. I know a guy who signed up for adultfriendfinder or something . . . once every two weeks he would get an email from a beautiful match who was “perfect” for him, but who would never reply after he wrote back to her . . . I suspect that this was a bot that ran biweekly to keep you paying.

  6. My motto in life is: if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

  7. Have you ever met anybody that hooked up with somebody off of the pop-up dating sites. Have you seen many women in your small town that look like the women on the pop-up dating sites. The pop-up dating sites are going to give YOU some love. YOU will get screwed out of your money, but not kissed. Also, if you read the disclaimer on some of the advertisements, they indicate the pictures shown are “representative” of people in your area. If you are going to try to use a dating site, use something reputable like Yahoo Singles, Match.com or one of those. The people there are pretty much real and looking for someone.

  8. U have to think–would this really beautiful girl go out with me sight unseen? Yea, right.

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