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adult online dating websites, real or fake? anyone HAS a story?

ok so my friend telling me how HE WAS Became a member of this adult dating website, and I Was wondering if people Actually Meet with you all THEY DO IS or chat with you online? DID anyone try em and HAS Any recommendations? thanx


  1. some are real. my friend met her hubby online at match.com. My sister just went on a date with a nice guy from e-harmony.

  2. i bet there are like 10x more dudes signed up than women

  3. no i’m not desperate

  4. Personally, I think they’re scary! I have many friends who use them with no results, whatsoever! True, these friends may tell little white lies about themselves… which is why I think these websites are so scary! Who knows who you’re really talking to!

  5. Depends on the site you are talking about. In general they can work, but depending on what you are looking for they may not work as well as you would like.

    Big question comes down to what you mean by adult… Are you talking sites like e-harmony or match.com, or do you mean sites like Adult Friend Finder.

    On the first type I can only talk from friends who have used them to meet people… but I have personally never known anyone that got into a good relationship from them. (too many people lying on the sites about what they are looking for… you know the classic “date behaviour”.)

    On the second type, well I can talk from personal experience… as I have met several friends (most of whom were just friends, nothing more, but then again I was not the average male on the site) on AFF when I was single, and actually met my fiance on there. (There are still people lying on there, but it is easier to see through the lies there… as they are more likely to just brag vs. outright lie about what they are looking for.)

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