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Adult sex dating sites?

Anyone know Which adult dating website is the best one to use (for sex, not Actual dating). Adultfriendfinder, xxxmatches, hornymatches, etc.. . . I do not need Any bad comments please. Thanks.


  1. pickledpineapplepeppers

    you could always just use craigslist, or any dating website for casual encounters purposes.

  2. I like how you ask this question and your avitar is winking and he looks horny.

  3. Need or not need you’re gonna get it 😛

  4. Such websites don’t actually work for most normal guys. You would need to be ripped with a six pack and be good looking. The fact of the matter is that women have less of a sex drive than men do, unless they are overweight. But there are dozens of adult websites, even plentyoffish works.

  5. My bf and I have had good luck finding people on craigslist. Some of them have become cool friendships too. We have tried adultfriendfinder and it’s probably got about the same success rate for us as craigslist except that it is EXPENSIVE. That fact alone keeps some of the younger people from using it. Craigslist is free. Maybe we’ll see your ad on there 😉 Haha

  6. bigboob.com.au

  7. ok the best is ashleymadison..its free for me for like a year…..if u ever use it my name is makemewetwithwords..u won’t be disappointed

  8. Adultfriendfinder is the only decent one out of the bunch. You can create a free profile on AFF but you can’t look at any of the other members pictures unless you pay-up. It can’t hurt to at least have a free profile. You can always use the chat system to contact the other members but that really limits you. If you want to get laid you will probably have to get a “gold” membership.

    Most of the women on adultfriendfinder are homely, ugly, stupid… sorry but there’s a reason they’re on a sex site in the first place. Also, Most of these women on AFF are bisexual and most of them are looking for a woman. I’ve been on and off that site and I’ve met 6 different in the last 4 years. The site is filled with a bunch of homosexual men who are in the closet too. I really can’t recommend that site to anyone unless you’re into looking at pictures of regular naked women.

    Adultfriendfinder also operates under a bunch of different names like passion.com. So be careful.

    Craigslist is the place to go if you want to get laid. I’ve met so many more women on there. CL really makes adultfriendfinder a joke. The women I’ve met on craigslist have been a lot better as well. When a woman want to get laid she want to be discreet about it. Having a profile on adultfriendfinder is something they don’t want other people to know about. When a woman getlonelyy she checks craigslist because it’s free and it’s right now.

    Plentyoffish.com is a normal dating site but there’s a handful of women on there who are looking to get laid. I’ve seen quite a few of the girls I’ve talked to and met on Craigslist on that site. plenty of fish is free. However, for the what you are looking for part DON’T select Intimate Encounter. Instead, select Dating but nothing serious, Hang-out or Activity Partner. I’ve never met anyone on that site for sex since I just discovered it. when you write a profile, just be normal and dont’ say I wanna get laid.

    The other sites like Ashley Madison, xxxmatches, sexsearch, etc are pretty much out to rip you off. If you sign up as a free member you will get emails you can’t open until you pay up. Once you pay you will realize the emails were fake and you will see no more emails until you pay. I tried Ashley madison and I’ll look up makemewetwithwords, seems fake enough to me. There aren’t very many women on that site and I did get quite a few spam emails while I was there.

    Getting laid on the internet isn’t easy either. craigslist is tough to use because people constantly flag/delete a woman’s post in the Casual encounters section. You will have to write your own ad. Sometimes your ad will get flagged down as well. It still pays to try to find a posted ad that’s genuine.

    If your a passive guy then chances are you no one will respond to your ad. Your typical woman is looking for an assertive guy. More than anything the women want intercourse. The don’t want oral and they really don’t want to cuddle. In your ad you need to be descriptive but not vulgar.

    You will also need some good pictures of yourself. If you have a nice body then show that off. A nice body goes a lot further than a nice cock shot. It isn’t a bad idea to use your cock but include your body in the picture. When you take the pictures be sure to include your face. It’s important that you clean and groom yourself before taking any pictures.

    Naked body pictures work well but there’s another combination that works better. Use a couple nude pics with a couple pics of yourself doing someting macho. Do you have a Harley, play football, or build houses? Use a picture of yourself enjoying your macho hobbies. Women love that! Remember, they’re looking for a MAN and not a prettyboy. You can at least use the hobby pics in your profile at POF and maybe AFF. These pictures work wonders.

    If the sex is good and they enjoy it they will come back for more. I think it’s pays to be a little bit picky. If you have sex with someone you don’t like the sex will be bad. Don’t get with any woman who’s into drugs, especially coke. Those people are the ones who PnP and they are likely to have AIDS. Wear protection.

    Usually, I have the woman send a few pictures of herself. I’ve never had anyone misrepresent themselves. You will have to be open to meeting the woman in a public setting before getting laid. But believe it or not, some of these women haven’t been laid in a long time and they will just come over to your place.

    I’ve been using these sites for about 4 years. I haven’t used them so much anymore because I made friends with a few of the girls I’ve already met from craigslist. In the past year I’ve only met one new face. These days I’ve become a bit too paranoid about getting an STD and I don’t want to push my luck any further. I’ve pretty much retired from using the internet to get laid.

  9. Shintar Seamonsters

    Adultfriendfinder is the only one that legit. The rest are a bunch of scam sites.

    there are a bunch of fake profiles on adultfriendfinder. Also, nearly everyone on that site is a homosexual. Most of the girls are looking for another girl. When I was on there I got a bunch of emails from queer guys and older fat women. There were only 15 women within my age that were 10 miles from where I live. I’m 31, btw

    I agree with everyone else, use craigslist or plenty of fish for sex. Those sites are free and there are way more women on those sites. Adultfrindfinder is more for the queers and druggies.

  10. If a guy has a hard time getting a date from match.com, what makes him think he would do better on a sex site

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