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Adult women: Would you Date a guy Who has stretch marks from weight loss?

Say this guy HAS HAS above average looks and lost over 70 lbs. He is extremely nice and started a new HAS healthy life. Would you Consider dating someone like this gold Would the stretch marks stand in your way? They are located on his inner thigh and stomach. Other than that he is in really good shape and toned body HAS. Would the stretch marks disgust you? Could you get past that?


  1. I would date someone like that. Then again, I am not shallow and NEVER judge a person based on looks.

  2. That would be pretty shallow,,,personality and who you are is what should really matter, not looks, including minor flaws,,,,

  3. Yes, no big deal to me.

  4. rockin_princess_06_who

    I would love that the guy turned his life around and the fact that he did it himself means that he could be as dedicated to me. Stretch marks are just proof that the life you live now is better than the one before. I would consider it part of your charm.

  5. Personally speaking…I don’t see the big deal? I was married to a man that had them so bad it looked like he had been attacked by a lion. If they bother you though try some of the silicone gel strips they have out now for scars, they won’t go away but the strips will flatten them…Congrats on the weight lost!

  6. Would you even want to date someone who wouldn’t date you because of some stretch marks?

  7. I think I would be able to get over that, and why wouldn’t someone be able to. The stretch marks show that yes, at one point sid person may have been heavier, but it also shows that they have made a change for the better and are working hard to feel better and look better and if someone can’t be with them because of those stupid strecth marks (which will eventually lighten to where you can barely see them) then they are just stupid.

  8. First of all, you shouldn’t even see the stretch marks till after your hooked by the incredible personality. (smile). I once dated a guy who had stretch marks from getting bigger not the other way around. That never even seems to matter. Studies show that when a couple is into eachother’s personalities, that when they are intimate they don’t even notice the flaws. Besides, kudos to you for losing all that weight, if a girl can’t accept you, screw her you deserve better!

  9. Yeah. Stretch marks don’t bother me at all. They just either you were small and got big or you were big and got small.

  10. Why in the world would that matter?

    My 14 year old son has stretch marks on his back. He’s 6’2″ and weighs 145 pounds, so it isn’t from fat, it’s from growing very quickly. I certainly hope that women aren’t so disgusted by his stretch marks that they won’t go out with him.

  11. Well, no doubt you will have stretch marks, what would you feel like if they put someone off you?!

    If he is a nice guy, then you should not be so shallow.

  12. To be honest, I would. Something like stretch marks should not make me like or not like a guy. I have stretch marks myself and my boyfriends doesn’t mind at all.

  13. would you date a woman with stretch marks??? nearly all women get them from having children or just from growing into a woman its nothing, your friend shouldnt worry.

  14. Of course I could look past it. No one is perfect.

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