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Always free “ADULT” dating sites? Never a charge!?

I am looking for a free never a charge “ADULT” dating site, can you help me with this!?


  1. I know a few free dating sites, but not sex/hookup sites that are free…unless adultfriendfinder is free (not sure on that one, but it is used as a hookup site)

  2. Adult Friend Finder is not free. The problem with adult dating sites is that they claim to be free, but once you’ve signed up, they limit what you can do (usually you can only search for members and are unable to contact them). Also, most of the heavy hitters (Adult Friend Finder, etc.) have been accused of inflating their user numbers by creating fake and fraudulent profiles, making even their free search for users worthless to you. Some sites will claim to be free and try to scam you into paying for other sites and services by saying they need your credit card number for “age verification”.

    Now, there are a few actually free sites out there. Most of them are pointless too though. A lot of them inflate their profile numbers and usually lack the features that the paysites offer.

    I like Adult Red Pages. There is never even an option to enter credit card info, so it’s completely free, and they have everything I need to get the job done (mail, IM, private photos, etc.). The only drawback with this site is that because they refuse to inflate user numbers, and because they’re really new to the scene, they don’t have very many users. But, as more people hear about it, they get more users. There are a bunch of users signing up everyday.

  3. you can date me free of charge

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