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Anyone have luck with adult dating sites? ?

I Was just looking at one and a lot of the pictures are not porn starts and real people. Worried That thesis are all spammers, prostitutes or people faking.


  1. Press the power button on your computer and walk outside and then do this thing we call socialize……
    much better then trying to find people on the internet when you could be ina bar or club or any other social meeting place
    and dont worry no one will show you fake porn pictures of themselves

  2. E-harmony ?

  3. PrincessTink18

    I met my husband in Mate1. We talked on the site then traded email addresses and then we talked that way for a long time before we decided to trade numbers then finally meet in person. I do agree though that there are al;ot of fakes out there.

  4. I’ve known plenty of people to have success that met online, some through dating sites and other places on the internet.

  5. Some of the best ones are featured on here http://thebest-datingsites.com There is one on there called horny matches which does seem to have a lot of fake profiles although I did actually meet someone off there about 3 years ago. I think probably the site owners put up a lot of these profiles to try and get you to subscribe

  6. A lot of them are awful!
    I met my boyfriend on http://wwwsinglesnet.info
    It took about a month, and he showed interest in me. I registered for a lot of different ones, and didn’t like most. This one is the best so far, and the best thing is it is free!

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