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Are Their Any truly free adult “dating” sites?

I know of a FEW regular ones That Are Actually free (pretty boring ones) but I was wondering if there are Any truly free or not adult ones. I’d rather not waste money at this point. When I say free, I mean do not need paid memberships That for actual uses / emails / chats / etc. Like most siteAdditional Detailsas I say adult, i did not mean Plentyoffish gold mingle2


  1. Adultspace(like myspace for adults), Fling, mate1, onlinebooty call, sexsearch,

  2. If its free,its not worth it. You’ll meet people there that are very bad.

  3. I am using metrodate it is completely free and it has all the characteristics of the premium dating website, plus it has an adult section for people who are just looking for activity partner with no string attached. I been on metrodate less than a month and already been on 3 dates so far.

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