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Are There Any adult dating sites That Are Legitimate?


  1. The sites are legit unfortunately its the people who use them appear not to be. Stay away from them a waste of money.

  2. You’ve always gotta be careful when doing anything on the internet, especially dating.

    Get to know the people REAL good before anything else happens

    Check out:


    its totally free so at least you wont waste your money while your getting to know people

  3. sure, My favorite one is marrymillionaire.com. It is a serious& safe dating site. I found my love here. I have to say it’s he best site I have ever joined so far. They verify all members. Unlike other sites,NO
    scammers or fake profiles here, and you can meet many rich or beautiful singles, including celebs, famous stars.. good luck to you all.

  4. Just be weary of message sent to you by women that are in in replies to your messages.

    A great 100% free dating site.

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