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Are There Any Legitimate adult dating sites in the UK?

If a (bored) married man wants to find new female partners for no strings attached sexual Relationships where, in the UK, ET Would go? Now, from my own research found That I Have a lot of the membership pay for dating sites out there Either are complete fakes; Internet versions of adult phone lines Where To Be Someone claiming a “bored housewife” or whatever and you get chatting gold; They Are Legitimate sites goal with a great number of fake profiles, teasers or prostitutes hawking for business. I do not want Any moralising is why I Should gold Should not Be Trying to do this, or Any armchair marriage counselors or religious zealots telling me I am going to hell. I’m a well balanced adult making my own decisions. My marriage is great, very happy and loving. Amazing family my goal just brilliant and beautiful wife cannot and will never Be Able to, keep up with my libido. (Three Times a Day Would suffice) Now, I Know That Meet people do all the time for no strings attached sexual relationships. I used to work with a man Who slept around like this, In Some boxes would go to ET Someone’s house, have sex and then leave. Unfortunately I Never Thought to ask HIM about just how ET did it. What I mean is not “how to do it” in the sense of seduction or technical, it’s literally where do you find people thesis? Sites Seems To Be A con Generally, gold very pricey. Swingers clubs are Generally for couples. We know it goes on and I do not mean picking up women in a bar or club. How does one get in contact with or Even trace thesis partners. Now for a headstart, I do not trust the Following websites: britishsexcontacts, benaughty, marital affair, illicit encounters, I think That The Most Legitimate APPEAR in my humble opinion only and To Be ashleymadison adultfriendfinder though I am still skeptical. The websites listed might well Be Legitimate, my personal opinion intended senses That They Are Either engineered gold open to abuse, Possibly-through no fault of the Companies That Run Them. Does anyone have any (Respectful) suggestions? P. S. I Already Know I’m going to hell and That I’m a horrid little man and corrupted for Wanting to do this, so No need to remind me 🙂


  1. I believe you’re looking for AdultFriendFinder. Probably perfect for your needs.

  2. I think hottieonly.com would be a good place for you.

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