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Are these adult dating sites are they real or just after your money?

Sites such as adult friend finder. Please give details of the response. Not only yes or no.


  1. your money

  2. Mystery Person

    Mostly your money. If you get a crazy cat lady, it’s not their fault. It’s hers. She lied on the personality quiz. I hear E harmony is good.

  3. they all are looking for money basically. eharmony is good but keep in mind that based on what you answer for the questions you can be “rejected” or they wont have anyone for you for a long time.

  4. they want the money. these sites are kinda dumb and only desperate people are willing to dish out a lot of $$$$.

  5. Well, every business is out to make money, so while it’ll be a job to actually get people to contact/meet up with you, it is possible. The problem is with these sites are that most men expect to log on and meet someone within a few days — actually meeting someone could take a few weeks, to a few months. On the other side of the spectrum, the most scam-esque sites are the ones that have the most bots sending you fake and repeat messages (a clear sign is right after you sign-up, you already have 10 mails waiting for you — without a pic nonetheless).

    With all that said, yes, every site has real women, but it can be a long, drawn-out process if you’re strictly looking for women to date. Reason being is not only do the get mass amounts of mails all day, but they’re just as skeptical as you about actually meeting up and such. Honestly, you won’t know unless you try, but I can tell you first-hand that Adult Friend Finder is real, well, you won’t get bombarded with bot mails, and they have live video chat so you know and see who you’re talking to. And while Adult Friend Finder is not the best, I believe there’s a good possibility to meet a woman there, even gain some good friends in the process.

    Anyway, sorry for the long answer. To help you with your choice, you can visit the site in my source. Oh yeah, I have first-hand experience using this and other numerous dating sites, so I can tell you it can be a tedious process, but it can work!

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