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Blacklisted “eye for an eye” sound and fury

good times


  1. fucking name droppers on youtube. woot woot.

  2. my favorite band ever.

  3. xBabarEatGrindx


  4. Preach much :]

  5. farfromsilenced

    blacklisted on the east coast is better

  6. Love.

  7. You guys bring it every TIME

  8. “arguably the best live hardcore video ever”

  9. queer

  10. arguably the best live hardcore video ever

  11. chucky fucking edge

  12. It’s ‘Bang Bang’ by Nancy Sinatra.

  13. Nice toe touches.

  14. peace on earth, war on stage

  15. blacklisted forever.

  16. thomasxchristopher


  17. agreed eye for an eye is sick live

  18. best blacklisted song

  19. whatever tough guy

  20. i just said that cuz someone else said something about another band member being related to them open your eyes fag

  21. congrats idiot

  22. the drummer is my cousin shawn…dead serious.

  23. yeah that was it mate

  24. Probably Kill Bill

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