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Camp Kiwago Deep Water Swimming

On the last day of camp, all the campers get to swim in the Deep Water and it is pretty much the best time ever.


  1. @freefalln329 me too. Look us up on Facebook, I may know you. 🙂

  2. @SydneyOGarth I went there too Sydney. My brother Anthony & I. There’s a Camp Kiwago Group on Facebook. Look us up & share your stories. 🙂

  3. I woke up this morning singing the theme song to Camp Kiwago and decided to look it up..I remember the lake andthe same wooden planks I went there 1976-1978 (I think) fun times

    “….Let us pledge each other that we’ll keep Kiwago’s friendships, strong and true. Till we meet again!!!!”

  4. I went to camp Kiwago back in 1977 there were no girls there. I remember a kid Angel, everyone was afraid of him because he was tough and would beat you up. My camp counselors name was Adrienne and he would leave during the nights and go partying.

  5. @peacelovejasper211 I miss KIWAGO! Btw…who are you? Hehe.

  6. peacelovejasper211

    K is for kiwago…cool cool kiwago
    right on my shoulders
    pick up your bags and follow me
    we are kiwago mighty are we!!!!

  7. I went to Kiwago summer 1970. SAME wooden docks, cribs and platforms. Wow…

  8. wow wen i was there we werent aloud to be near the girls i guess they changed i remember our log was on the left of the pool there was thius tall skinny guy with glasses that slept in the room in the midle is he still there?

  9. i miss camppppppppppppppp lol

  10. dave this vid makes me cry, maku girls 🙂
    miss them second session. wat characters we had lol
    cant wait to see more, hope u had a good bday xxx

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