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Can There Be ever lasting happiness When dating year adult film star?

For 12 weeks now, is at a pre-Halloween party. She is semi-retired from films, Has not starred in a production for 5 months HAS goal directed one since we met. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting time. Would you Date Someone from the industry? Its not about using at all. Personality wise is amazing. If I did not know of her past Before meeting I’d Have a hard time believing it to be honest. I’m secure. Its more a case of her Being Able to be happy with her more Than myself.


  1. you should be the judge of that, every person is different. just because shes in that line of work doesnt really say anything about her personality

  2. Miss Britney Spears

    have you ever seen her movies? lol

  3. only if she passes an AIDS test

  4. Probably not. But the temporary happiness might be worth it!!! 🙂

  5. llllllllllllllllll

    yes. i dont believe you. it seems more like sad bragging? if shes got a brain and you arent ashamed of her go for it. if ur fbuddies go for it. if ur using her, growup, shes probly had a rough life.

  6. Intentionally Blank

    It’s your choice but I wouldn’t want to take a chance dating someone that slept with LOTS of people and had it filmed and did this for a living. People like that have no class. Like one guy said, only if they passed an AIDS test and every other test that is for that matter.

  7. thats not a very good i dea but i am proud of you!

  8. Just two questions … how secure are you, and how judgmental are you? If you’re plenty secure and not especially judgmental, you’ll probably be fine and your relationship will succeed or fail for the same reasons other folks’ do.

  9. Judge not, lest ye be judged. This is one you’re going to have to call yourself, but everyone is entitled to find love.

  10. Dude….. it doesn’t matter what she does or has done in the past. Ask yourself one simple question “do I really like this chick?” if the answer is yes, then don’t worry about it. Apparently she likes you, so I don’t see a problem. Oh and as far as that chick saying that your girl doesn’t have any class cuz she’s in the porn industry, I think people who judge other people for their lifestyle decisions have no class. 😉

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