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Dating online – not to

So you’ve read my article Why I hate the bar scene and you’re ready to enter the adult world of online dating. Here are some simple do’s and do not do that, though simple, should help give you a better experience of online dating. (Note: These tips are not strictly romantic dating and dating-oriented friends) DO: Make sure you complete all the fields provided by the dating site for adults you become a member of the best of your ability and as honestly as possible. Make sure to write a good amount of text on yourself and try to describe your interests and how you see from your point of view. Enjoy yourself. Make sure your personality shines through in your writing so you can give an accurate representation of who you are. DO NOT: dating sites for adults that can give you back what you put in them. Do not write things like “I’ll add more later.” Do it now. You’re right if you can and complete what you started. After all, you are there to meet people and if you’re serious about finding a dating partner to complete this process and show others that you are serious. Use complete sentences and complete words. Do not do things such as, “Because” or “B4” or “U”. DO: Add a good, clear, bright picture to your profile. Add more, at least three. Take a photo inside and outside. The camera can be difficult sometimes, and some people take a more accurate (best photo) of themselves inside or outside. DO NOT: Do not add a picture of yourself that is too dark. Nothing is more frustrating for the adult dating site members than having to get real close to the monitor and squint there eyes to see what color your hair. If you want to take a picture of a dog, make sure you are also in the picture. I have seen many photos on dating sites for adults where there are four photos available for viewing when the first image is the person I am interested and the following three are their dogs. I’m not here for the dates of their dog. Also, do not upload a picture of you and your neighbors or a child friend! They can not thank you post a photo of their child on the Internet, after all, it is a dating site for adults, not a ceremony child. Do: write a good subject line. Write a subject line that stands out. Adult members dating site can get a little email, if you want to stand out from the crowd. Remember, the subject line is the first thing visible. DO NOT: Do not let the generic line about that is generated automatically when you create a new e-mail. This will make you look lazy or imply that you do not have much to say or not originals. This does not mean that you are, however, is something that the reader can extrapolate. DO: Write something interesting, perhaps about yourself. Be sure to stop the e-mail with a question or two to make it easier for the recipient to respond with a follow up correspondence. Also, enter the e-mail with your name. This makes the adult dating process more personal and “real.” DO NOT: If you want to receive an answer, not just “Hi, I like your profile” in your initial correspondence. Doing so is very flat and does not exactly warrant a response from the recipient. If you get a reply, it may be a simple “Thank you”. At this point, you’re back to square one and essentially a waste of time and decreased the chances of another answer. DO: Be polite! Remember, these are real people with real feelings. You’re at a dating site for adults with other people who are looking to meet each other. If you are serious about meeting other singles, be respectful. Would not you expect the same thing? DO NOT: Do not be shameless! Women in particular are not receptive to initial such correspondence. If you’re not here for dating and looking more for a sexual encounter dating or “plug” you’re in the wrong place. If you are looking for sites for adult sex dating, take a look here for a list of sites that will welcome you. These are just a few, brief advice I have put in place. I’ll write more timely advice. I hope these simple tips will get you started and improve your experience online dating for adults.

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