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Does anyone else think There Should Be an Adult singles and dating category for Those of us 18 +?

I think so. . . I’m just tired of my questions about serious grown up getting Relationships Overlooked by all thesis “does he / she like me?” questions from young kids. It’s like no one answers our questions Because MOST people in here are too young to understand. No offense to anyone, please do not take it That Way, in order Does anyone else here that’s over the age of 18 feel this way?


  1. you dont know me

    Even if they did that, it would still be overrun with kids who would want adults answering their questions instead of kids.

  2. That would be discriminatory, however, I do understand where you’re coming from. There are other forums you could get advice from as well. Also, it’s scary that 13 year olds are asking questions about oral sex and the like.

  3. CarloDaHaitian

    I totally agree. These kids post the same questions 1000x a day. “She looked at me, does she like me?” Yea give them their own section, and give adults 18+ if you will, our own.

  4. heck yes!!! I’m 20 and i even i feel old reading those questions :S

  5. well,
    some people lie about there age so it wouldn’t apply. but i agree, it is annoying like that… but i learn to ignore them.

  6. take_me_to_ur_leader

    yeah i seriously agree.. but then who would answer their questions? “should I have sex even thought Im 13?”They’d answer each other and that would do more harm than good.

  7. I lOvE mY PApii !!!<33

    im 16.
    i dunno i mean dotn 18+ wonder if he/she likes him/her??

  8. well, you should feel glad that kids want an adults opinion on things like this…you were once the same way!

  9. Yes there should be another section for adults.

  10. yes!! yes!! yes!!

  11. I agree- I am 22 and I hate that my questions sometimes get answered by kids- or worse just angry people.. ones that think putting your stupid as an answer is cool..

  12. yeah i think you need your own space grow ups………………..

  13. insurancelady82

    I am so tired of the little kids coming on here and asking the “Does heee likee meeee?” questions with bad grammar and the like.

    personally, I agree that there should be two sections. Call the grown up one Singles and Dating and call the ones for the younger kids “Crushes and Puppy Love”.

    Or just make Answers have an age requirement so that we can boot the over sexed 13 year olds. (I’m 26 BTW, and get tired of the horrid grammar, and obession with the “why didn’t he text back?” question.

  14. That would be awesome, but all the nosy kids would be in there and asking questions about what we’re talking about

  15. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

    i dont know if it would work but yes i can understand your problem. i am only 17 though…but alot of the questions on here are aimed at younger people, so it must be difficult getting help for more serious questions.

  16. Im 15 and i think so!

    I quite enjoy throwing in my 2 cents about how a 20 year old woman got dumped by her bf for not moving in with her or w/e, but i cant even count the amount of questions ive answered that are like as other people have said: “omg a boy stared at me for 3 seconds, does he love me?”

    But on the other side, i dont like immature kids answering questions i ask, and i like getting answers from older adults who have had experience in similar problems, so i think id be inclined to ask questions in the 18+ section.

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