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Does anyone here know of Any Effective Ways to market a dating website?

I own A Few dating websites. . . Some Are adult dating websites (www. affairmatch. com) and Some Are more on the mainstream side of dating (www. realpeoplematch. com) Can anyone here recommend some good Ways to bring in more quality traffic to my dating sites? Its not a matter of money, a more matter-of-icts bring in the kind of Good Traffic That Converts well. . . Any ideas?


  1. Small Business Marketing Strategy: Target the up-and-coming search engines

    While Google still rules the roost when it comes to Internet search engines, and Yahoo is firmly entrenched in second spot, a number of new start-ups are hoping to give them a run for their money. And a good small business marketing strategy would be to check them out and see how you can make them work for your site!

    Some of the new up-and-comers include:

    Powerset : ( http://www.powerset.com ) A “natural language” search engine

    Hakia : ( http://www.hakia.com ) A “meaning-based” search engine

    Wikia : ( http://www.wikia.com ) A “community-based” search engine

    ChaCha : ( http://www.chacha.com ) A “social networking-based” search engine

    Snap : ( http://www.snap.com ) A search engine that offers visual previews

    It’s a smart small business marketing strategy to continue optimizing for the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines as they are by far and away the most popular — but niche search engines could provide new opportunities to reach your market. Be sure to check them out!

  2. Try advertising on TV during breaks of programmes that people that you wish to Target may watch. Also try Advertising in womens or mens magazines as well as on popular instant messanger sites.

    hope this helps

  3. re-post some of the announcements yourself or pay someone to do it in the personal sections of localsections. carigslist.com and other classified sites .. you have well named site with name that implies what type of dating one can expect. just type like “26, F, trip to Paris for the weekend 24-26 April, looking for a local gentleman to show me the Louver.. check my profile at affairmatch”. It will take some time but evenutually you will have visits that convert.

  4. The most effective way that I know is to put your ad for your business in the Yellow Pages Phone book in your area. The yellow pages in your area. Yellow pages are also on the yahoo front page. Now when you list your ad with them you automatically are put into their listing on line and the public can access your web page from there. So you get twice the bang for the buck. I put one ad in and I got three calls in one week. And the price you pay is peanuts.

  5. visit http://www.milliondollaradvertisement.com
    within a week or so your traffic will be huge!

  6. Evaluate your competitors! See where you see them…and try to move ahead of them in the same medium… I analyze dating sites all of the time in order to properly advise my clients.

    I have listed the best one that I have found so far… check them out and evaluate your own site based upon their value. I would sign up to a few of them as well. Get to know what you are up against and see if maybe you can offer something that they haven’t already offered!

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