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Does anyone know the Laws on Minors year adult dating in Delaware?

Age difference 4 years


  1. I’m pretty sure the laws on that are the same throughout the country. If you are over 18, it is illegal to have sexual relations with someone who is under 18.

  2. Find out what the “age of consent” is for your state. It varies. That will be the answer to your question. It used to be as young as 14 in some states.
    Actually I found it here:
    Scroll down to the states section.

  3. Age is not a factor in dating – only in sexual relationships. The age of consent in Delaware is 16, although it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to have intercourse with another who is at or above the age of 30. However, there exists in the legislation a close in age exception.

    Section 768 of Delaware law covers this.

  4. First, there really is not a law that covers dating as such. The age of consent laws cover sexual relationships. The law is not as much driven by the age difference as it is driven by the age of the youngest person. The age of consent in the United States varies from 14 to 18 depending on state. This site is a good start: http://www.avert.org/aofconsent.htm

  5. Below the canal it’s OK as long as it’s your cousin

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