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Flexible Combo HD

Danke für die Bewertungen 🙂


  1. awesome im flexible to bro if i meet u i can show u a good azz flexible move u can learn like that

  2. @MacDerMedve clear Thank you for your comment

    Greetings LiL FoD

  3. great flexibility, it would be great to see more of your flexy skills! keep up practicing! cheers/tschüß

  4. @BboyUnusuall This is my first combo ever .

  5. sick combo but you will defenitly will have much better combos
    keep it up

  6. @TricksterBee Thanx im 13 years old.

  7. good stuff, how old are you?

  8. @xxblackskyxx Thank you there 🙂

  9. holy shit that was crazy!

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