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Frenemies part 3

Lyndsey, magically transformed into a copy of her best friend Nicole, has done everything she could think of to break up Ryan and Nicole to no avail…now the REAL Nicole shows up and… Staring Amanda Elliot as Nicole Sommer Branham as Lyndsey Andrew Cottrell as Ryan And Jordan T. Savusa as the neighbor Nicole Did ya miss me? Ryan Yes…? Nicole Got you something, maybe we could enjoy it upstairs, like in your room? Ryan Maybe we should hold off on that…like 5 to 7 days. Nicole What are you talking about? OH, I remember you didn’t have a corkscrew, so I brought one. Darn it, I left it in my car, I’ll be right back. Lyndsey/Nicole You know I really gotta go….um feed my cat. Ryan But don’t you wanna go upstairs and enjoy that wine? Lyndsey/Nicole Now he wants to have wine upstairs, ugh! Come on Lyndsey, you need to break these two up before it gets serious. Nicole Here it is, (holding the corkscrew). Ryan (with a confused look) Thought you were going to go feed your cat? Nicole I’m allergic to cats. What are you…you know, I’m gonna go upstairs and (gives Ryan a wink) freshen up. Ryan Again? Did you need the plunger?” Nicole Ew, gross! Lyndsey/Nicole Ya know my cat’s gonna be fine, they have 9 lives right? I was thinking we could go out dancing….its square dancing night tonight and we can totally go after I take care of my lice treatment!” Ryan Yeah, I’m gonna get some fresh air. Lyndsey/Nicole OK. Ryan Here, you can open the bottle of wine you brought. Lyndsey


  1. TenThousandthFist

    Sucks for Ryan.

  2. The ending is funny and I have to say that Lindsay looks better.

  3. Her shirt changes from when she is inside (5:12) to when she is outside (5:28) 😉

  4. ITS VERY OBIOS how she trow away the keys XD just comment… nice video 2:03

  5. @DudeJJJMovies Should be some time in the next couple of days! We’re all done filming it, I just have to put it all together and then post it.

  6. When will the next part be up?

  7. I think you have done a good job on this series, I have been following your work for some time and your stories are quite interesting. i think the mirror sceane is good, i have some oringal idea’s for future projects, why dont you have a magic phone which somehow switches people, quick and effective way to get into a story and you could have a lot of fun making it, anyway cant wait to see what happens next,

  8. This is so not over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @mouth316 she was, you have to watch the 1st 2 parts 2 understand it

  10. fortressofortitude

    Excellent! Can’t wait for the next part.

  11. i’m hoping for a stuck situation myself though uncommon in james’ videos

  12. I want a back-story on the broken jungle Jim.

  13. @mouth316 We talked about that, but decided that since when Lyndsey turned into Nicole she was wearing something slightly different, that the shell would allow the user to change the clothes as well as the person, so that when Lyndsey changed Nicole, she could be wearing something other than she had been before.

  14. these videos are great! just a quick ? tho when she switched nicole into lyndsey shouldnt she be in the outfit that she was wearing not something totally different?

  15. ROFLOL! great timing you keep expecting the two girls to run into each other & they miss it but just that much! Great mirror scene. The ending raises the story up a new level – not going to say as I don’t want to spoil it. I can’t wait for the next par to see what happens.

  16. @thewildone Scooby Doo Doors…DOEH, why didn’t I think of that? Oh well, I’ll keep that in mind for my next video.

  17. Yeah I agree this is the best part yet. The story is getting really good and I can’t wait to see how it all ends!! Great job James I love your movies! Hot girls btw

  18. NICE. Good mirror scene, now we just need some Scooby Doo Doors.

  19. @rtw876 Thanks!

  20. the best part yet!!!

  21. @OctoberRoad Thanks Shane, I’m having a lot of fun with this series!

  22. I like your style, James.

  23. loving this so far. can’t wait for more.

  24. GREAT!

    I hope Lindsay gets what she deserves in the end, though!

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