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Good magazines for teen and young adult dating advice?

Hi everyone! IS this issue related to my last, so please check out That One. I am working there and i would like flip your help! So, What are teen magazines, Both male and female, (13-18ish) and young adults (19-24ish) reading Where They are Likely to find dating tips are gold hooking up. For me as a young teen I Was reading YM and Seventeen, and I’ve got a little older I started “reading Glamour. I am twenty-seven now, so my selection Might Be a little outdated. What about you or The People You Know? Which Magazine Will more conservatively Chat dating and more liberally Chat Which Will hooking up? I am looking to do a review of hooking Up in the popular media, and your answers Thought I Would Be a Great Place to start. Thanks

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  1. mikemcveybox234

    I don’t think there are any. They’re all propaganda aimed at making sure you hook up with the wrong guys for the wrong reasons. Fact is, many of them try to influence you to hook up with OTHER GIRLS.

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