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How can you tell your parents you want to start dating?

what are ways i can tell my parents i want to date im 17 years old Already in october and i will be 18?? any suggestions??


  1. They probably think your a loser for not even going out with anyone early highschool years.
    Your not supposted to tell them

  2. just bring up a conversation about dating, or just tell them straight up that you like someone and that if you can date them

  3. Be mature about it. Tell your parents your reasons why and that you respect the decisions they’ve made for you but in some ways you disagree with them. You have to sit down with them and lay it out for them. Be specific. Do you have someone in mind? Why can’t you wait till your 18? What are your plans for dating? What does the definition dating include for you? Talk to your parents about these things. Also your parents have to trust you. Have you been building trust with them by respecting their decisions so far? I mean of course every kid has some rebellious moments and that is to be expected but I mean for the most part can your parents trust what you say? Realize too your parents just care about you and want whats best for you and they dont’ want to see you get hurt. Tell them how you plan to be smart about it and what it is you look for in a guy even. Things like that and I’m sure you’re parents will be pretty impressed with how much thought you’ve given it and that you respect them and appreciate them caring about you. If things do take a turn for the worst – hey – my birthday’s in october too and it’s not TOO far away 😉

  4. just tell em theyll be fine with it

  5. dont tell them… im almost 14 … and i dont tell my parents anything i do… i find that they love me more if i lie to them (as long as they dont find out) … i just tell them what they want to hear… not the truth 🙂
    just say it’s a friend

  6. Well first of all it helps to have someone that you want to date. bring them home to meet the parents and then go from there.

  7. If you have someone in mind to date, bring them by your house if your comfortable, and let your parents know you want to go on dates with this person. They should realize that you are asking to start dating by this action.

  8. Dont if you dont want to !

  9. Just be very open in honest and they will respect you for coming to them.

  10. Just tell them…Say I’ll be 18 soon and I would like to start dating. If there is someone that has already asked you out tell them about him. I let my daughter start dating when she was 16, but only on double dates…single dates at 17, when she turned 18 I had little control. Good luck

  11. Just tell them you’re going somewhere with another person. Downplay it a bit at first. Don’t try to jump right into it. Don’t call it a date, just say you’re going out. Hope that helps…

  12. You dont have to tell anything Your 17 not 14,when you will have the man/woman for a serious relationship you can then tell your parents about it and interduce him/her to them.

    And by the way if your a girl and if you will get boyfriend dont have sex straight away,you have to learn and see what kind of man you have,you must know what past he had. Reason for this answer is that for girl its more important to who she loses virginity and its alot better to have sex with person you love and person that loves you. And nobody of Good and inteligent man likes girls that had sex with random boyfriends,only men that would like those hoes are the men who are playing woman like with a toy for a joy.

    If your a man 😀 think before you want to get on with a girl,she can be trusting you and then thinking of that she made a bigest mistake.

  13. well, it’s kinda hard to answer that for ya, cause everyones diffrent. but… i would just tell them that want to start dating because of the way you feel about somone.

    Just to to say, hey i wanna start dating is probly not gonna fly… and furthermore, ur gonna be a leagal adult in Oct. so it’s going to be your choice anyway.

  14. Just sit down with them like a mature adult and let them know that you are interested in dating. Parents want you to show them that your are responsible and mature. If they are totally against you dating, then I’m not really sure what you can do but my best advice is to not get angry or upset and lose your cool. You need to prove to them that you are no longer a child and that you can make good choices. They are mainly worried you will let a guy take advantage of you so they hope that by not allowing you to date, they are keeping you safe. You should just let them know that you are mature and can make good decisions and that you promise to take things slow. Hopefully your parents will come around.

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