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How do I go places for dating on The Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

I have two Sims and i want to take ’em places for a date. I do not know how to. I really want ’em to get engaged and go on a date. Can someone PLEASE help me?


  1. Click on the phone and the option to phone a Sim and ask them on a date will appear. If they accept, a list of places they can visit will appear, as will the option of a car or taxi. (if your Sim has a car…if they don’t, the taxi will automatically come to collect your Sim)

  2. Here is what you do, you have two options:
    1) You can click on the phone and select the option “ask sim out on a date”, then you select the person you want to go out with out of the phone book. Make sure they have a high enough relationship or they may reject you.
    Then it will ask you do you want to meet at your home or a community lot. Since you want to go to a community lot, click on it, choose what lot you want to go to, then it will ask you if you want to take a taxi or your car. If your sim has a car then you can choose that or you can just take a taxi. Your sim will be in the lot that you chose, but BE CAREFUL! If you don’t get to the lot in a decent amount of time, your date will think that you stood them up. Then you have a good time on your date, the meter will show how it is going.
    2) another option is have your sim and the sim you want to date go to the same lot, then click “ask>>on date” and it will begin immediately.

    P.S. Getting engaged is very easy, just build up a romantic relationship between two adults until they are super in love. Then an option will appear, propose…click on it, and click “engagement” and your sim will propose

    Have fun romancing your sims!

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