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How do juvenile rights Differ from Those in the adult system reconnu?

Should there be a separate justice system for juveniles or shoulds be Dealt with all juveniles in the adult system? Explain your answer.


  1. Juvenile’s brains are not yet fully developed so their crimes seem to be more often, “forgive, forget” kind of thing. Their consequences seem to be harsher for some things, but when they turn eighteen their record is “sealed” (unless you commit a felony that is)
    And it’s right that way because by the time a person is eighteen they are legally responsible for their actions. That age was not chosen at random. It has been proven through studies that a person’s brain is fully developed at that age.

    Juvenile Basic Rights:
    You have the right to be given the Miranda Warning.
    You have the right to receive advance notice of the charges against you within a reasonable amount of time before your hearing.
    You have the right to have an attorney present during your hearing.
    You have the right to a trial.
    You have the right against self-incrimination.
    You have the right to appeal your case and have an attorney appointed to assist you.

    Adult Rights:
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE REPRESENTED BY AN ATTORNEY of your own choice and at your own expense. You may represent yourself if you choose. If you wish to be represented by any attorney, but cannot afford to hire one, you may fill out an application (for eligibility) to have the judge appoint a court appointed attorney to represent you at no expense to you.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO A REASONABLE CONTINUANCE to hire an attorney to represent you, or for some other good reason.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO A FULL EXPLANATION OF THE CHARGES AGAINST YOU. If you do not understand what you are charged with ask the judge.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PLEAD “GUILTY” OR “NOT GUILTY”. If you plead “GUILTY, you will not have a trial. The City will not be required to prove anything. Once the court has accepted a plea of guilty, you cannot just change your mind later.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE A STATEMENT about your case before the judge decides what penalty to impose.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL within 90 days if you plead “NOT GUILTY”. At trial, witnesses will come to court and testify, under oath, about the circumstances in your case.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE WITNESSES APPEAR IN COURT AND TESTIFY ON YOUR BEHALF. If there are witnesses who are unlikely to come to court voluntarily, you have the right to subpoena them. There is no charge for subpoenas unless you are found guilty, in which case any witness fees will be added to your penalty.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO TESTIFY OR NOT TO TESTIFY IN YOUR OWN CASE. You cannot be forced to testify against yourself. If you choose to testify, the judge or the city prosecutor may ask you questions.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL IF THE LAW ALLOWS IT AND you file a written request for a jury trial and pay a $25 jury fee within 20 days after the date of your “NOT GUILTY” plea. There is no right to a jury trial for a traffic infraction.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO APPEAL the court’s decision to the Boulder District Court, if you are found GUILTY at trial.
    YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE A STATEMENT about your case before the judge decides what penalty to impose.
    THE MAXIMUM PENALTY that can be imposed on any charge is $999 or 180 days jail or both. No jail can be imposed on a traffic infraction.

    If you notice it’s pretty much the same rights. The consequences mainly differ. If you want an exact answer you’re going to have to be more specific about what laws you’re looking for

  2. IN THE UK:

    It should be exactly the same if not harsher for the under 21’s. I worked as a custody officer for nearly five years and kids in Young Offender Institutions have a terrible time. They get all the worst treatment and bullying that you see on films about the American prison system……but it’s not from the screws, it’s from the inmate.

    In practice the rights aren’t much different for either.

    There should be no difference in rights for either. All should be in single cells, 24 hours a day with food delivered to the door, no visits, no smoking and the food budget should be doubled so that the food available is healthy. This would get rid of bullying amongst inmates completely and help those on drugs to clean up their act completely. As for excercise, most inmates could find a way of working out in ANY location.

    They should have their own showers and toilets and be responsible for them. No TV, No Porn, No Internet but unlimited access to books. Those who can’t read should be given lessons. Writing and self expression should be encouraged not oppressed.

    Most prison reformists haven’t got a clue what it’s like inside and would understand what I say if they had to see how it really is in everyday prison life.

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