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How do you feel about dating age gap?

I was just watching a clip from Ricki Lake’s show and this girl who was 16 at the time was dating a man who was 40. Well her friend (who was the same age as the girl) Knew She Was not order him first dating him They were just friends. So then she Introduced the man to the girl and one thing led to another, They Moved in together, started dating etc. And she was 18 and she show you That was 8 months pregnant and the guy on the show was 42. Do you think it sounds disturbing?


  1. yeah, gross

  2. I think it is disturbing.

  3. I think he took advantage of her.

  4. i think its very disturbing. maybe if the girl was 18 and the guy was 25 i could understand that, but a 24 year difference is just disgusting!!!

  5. why not?

  6. AWESOME : D

  7. Little Miss Lonesome

    Yea, I find that a little weird. What I find most weird about it though is that the girl is young enough to be his daughter, and the guy was 24 before this girl was even born so I find something rather disturbing about it, it’s almost paedophilia. If they share a happy, healthy and loving relationship then the best of luck to them, but it wouldn’t be something I would consider. My cousin is dating a guy 10 years older than her and even that feels weird!

  8. Most people who complain about age gap relationships do so out of prejudice,ignorance and jealousy.Just look at the answers you`ve already got for this.Not one gave any rational reason for their answer or even why it is any of their business.

    Obviously,16 is a child.I do not think children should be entering long term relationships until they have all the legal rights of an adult.

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