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How does adult dating work?

I mean, i can see when you’re in school, and everybody you Already Know everything’s find, and you Have So Many selections. . . Year goal when you’re adult and out of school, what do you just meet people off the street, ask them out and hope they’re not serial killers or Rapists? I’m Not Saying MOST people are bad, but still, you’re Taking a chance. . I do not get it. . Does anybody know how this works, because I sure do not! XP


  1. I don’t know… I just assume that they maybe were introduced somehow and are respectable.. and some people probably DO take risks. xP

  2. disillusioned romantic

    Either off the street, or from your friends circle, or someone your friends introduce you to, or someone from work, or online dating. And yeah, you take a chance.

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