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How many dates did you go on before calling Each Other boy friend / girl friend?

I was just wondering what the average number of dates is before you Have That conversation. Does it change with age dating Such as someone in high school for a week before you call Each Other bf / gf as Opposed to Where You say college may Have to time for a couple of months before reaching That much? What about with Facebook, how long Until you change your relationship status? Thanks for answering the questions I lay awake thinking about 🙂


  1. I’d say it depends how often you see each other but you should know within a month and when you have the talk and both want the same thing that’s when I’d change my status

    4-6months are you stupid?

  2. afroamericanvafemale

    I don’t have a clue about high school, because I never had a boyfriend then. But as far dating as an ADULT, I would say (personally) you would make it “official” as boyfriend/girlfriend to everyone else after about 4-6 months.

  3. Go on dates and after 4-5 dates you should probably know if you’re for each other or not for the time being and the feeling would be mutual. I’d hope after 5 days you could communicate properly to express such a thing and if the feelings mutual just do it! xD

  4. i’m on the same boat with you. I’m dating a guy and he’s awesome! I like him and he likes me also. But the thing is we just met 2 months ago and started talking 3 weeks ago. We’ve been on 3 dates and they went perfectly well. I feel like he may be a great boyfriend and I’m happy about it. I can’t stop thinking about him since our first date. I think we’re already in a relationship and I want to make it official so bad. But I need to wait for a couple weeks to see what’s going on btw us and if things works well, then we’ll def change our relationship status. The point is taking it slow, if I rush things, I will screw everything between us. We planed on doing lots of stuff together next week. Hopefully the next dates go well. I’m so excited to show my friends my new boyfriend even on facebook, if possible. I hope so! And wish you luck with your bf

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