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How many people think That serial dating is a good idea?

I just recently cam out of a long term relationship Which started when i was eighteen adn ended when i was twenty (basically right in the middle of transition years when i shoulds Have Been having fun). . . Anyway, i am dating now find myseld purpose carious ppl dating (no sex Involved) what do ya’ll think about serial dating???


  1. I think it’s a great idea…

  2. Well in order to find a compatible mate you have to date people. But when just getting out of a long relationship I would suggest taking some time away from the dating scene so you have time to get over the last one before moving on to the next one.

  3. I think serial dating is fine as long as you and your dates are all on the same page. Be clear, don’t give mixed messages. If you do find someone you want to be exclusive with, make it known! Good luck!
    I think young people should have various dating experiences, but beware of burnout! Take care of yourself and be sure you’re happy doing it this way.

  4. Serial dating is a good thang-but aaahhhh, just not for my children. In fact, none of Uncle Sam’s children are good enough for mine. Really!!

  5. I don’t find anything wrong with it. i mean, you’re young, why not have fun. if your not ready to settle down, then don’t.

  6. I think it’s fantastic, and I wish more people would do it! To “date,” it doesn’t require that you be monogamous to one person, and it doesn’t require that you have sex. Going out on dates allows you to discover a lot about yourself, as well as finding new things to do that you might not have tried before and things in your area you never knew were there.

    Also, a person who has had experience with dating finds out a lot about what they like in a partner, what they expect in a partner, and what they’re willing to do and compromise for a partner. The man I am dating now got married to his high school sweetheart, and then divorced a few years later. She is the only person he has ever dated besides me. This is intimidating as hell, because I am constantly wondering if he is comparing me to his ex-wife. I’m also learning that whatever happened in their relationship (we don’t talk about it much, obviously), he never learned how to compromise and communicate. When someone has only dated a very small handful of people in their adult life, there may be certain important things they missed out on.

    In summary, if you’re wanting to try casually dating people for a while and not getting serious with any one of them, I say more power to you! Be careful (the obvious: no meeting strangers in dark parking lots lol), and have fun learning about yourself and what makes you happy!

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