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How much too far with a minor dating an adult?

What is considered? R? like? gal and what is not considered? r? e like? scab for people of 14? 18 in a relationship. With parental consent, what is? Gal and what could be thrown in jail? Btw it is in Texas.


  1. I think its generally 60 months or 5 years, since in most states which have their age of consent laws at 16 also state that its only legal for them to have sexual relationships with persons no older than 60 months.

  2. tell us where you live. everywhere is different!

  3. There is no law that pertains to dating age, that’s for your parents to decide. The age of consent to sex in Texas is 17, that’s legal. Until then, even your parents CANNOT consent to you breaking the law. Having sex with you or violating the law pertaining to minors in any manner if discovered can have him thrown in jail.

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