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husband and adult dating profile?

Here is my question. . . if my husband HAD A Few adult dating profiles for at least 5 months is it can be hooked up with ET anyone? Please Give me some honest answers on this. . . . . very important!


  1. Yes its possible. People intend to meet on those dating websites, thats what they are for.

  2. 50-50
    no, seriously i don’t believe in drinking
    or have a computer expert find out on your harddrive
    everything is on the hard-drive.

  3. Kick his AS* until he tells you, then pack his bags and throw him out the door. It is bad enough that he went to the trouble of posting profiles on dating sites – whether he hooked up or not really doesn’t matter.

  4. Of course it’s possible. It’s the purpose of having the profile. No one here can tell you if it’s likely or if he did it, but it’s obviously a serious possibility.

  5. Id say yes, why does he need dating profiles if he is married?

  6. I’d say there was a pretty good chance he did. I too went on those sites and they can become addictive. You can count on him to lie to you about this and try to get away with it. He may promise not to do it again, but, he needs to see someoen. You both should!

    There is a reason he’s there and it’s not because you have such a wonderful marriage. Buck up to the truth and step up. If you really love him, make it work.

    Good luck!

  7. well whether he hooked up or not–he wanted to –enough to put up profiles on many different sites!
    That in and of itself would be enough for me…..

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