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I am dating a single father and I have not been around kids That Much as adult year, Any tips?

I am dating a single father and I have not been around kids That Much As An adult (I am 27, with no kids, Never Been married), Any tips? He HAS 2 yr old, 5 yr old and 8 yr old. How do you think i could get better at interacting with them / playing with ’em? Any tips, books, advice you’ve got Will Be aprreciated.


  1. Carlos the Cool Cat

    childeren enjoy nice people with candy

  2. when I’m around kids, I just let my inner child out. Just have fun.
    board games, sports, and even video games.

  3. Booze…..
    Lots of booze

  4. Rule one …you are not their parent..you are merely the woman their daddy is sleeping with….he is the parent who corrects and metes out discipline and punishments.

    Even if you marry you still must be careful and address this issue now and before you marry.

    Be careful.

  5. treat them as you would any adult and just be yourself. don’t go out of your way to impress them or buy them things or they may not respect you. depending on their situation, they may not have met any of their father’s girlfriends before you and they may be just as nervous/eager to impress you.

  6. Dont feel like you have to put on an act with them – kids can see right through it, just be yourself but just chat to the older one about what music/flims they like any hobbies? And with the younger ones be playful, read books, be silly. Do not impose authority its not your place.

    Good luck

  7. well as for the five and two year old, you can pretty much assume they will like doing the things that you do. they will want to be helpful and try to show you that they can do what you do. as for the eight year old they will want for their voice, opinion and thoughts heard out. they want to grow up too fast, and they’ll think you don’t understand them. to make a better connection, do something with him/her that he/she likes to do. help them with their homework. if he/ she is a picky eater, let them cook with you (they’ll be more inclined to eat it.) and they will be more helpful. this tip works for all age groups.

  8. Follow dad’s lead. Watch how he interacts with each child (and it may be differently with each one, he knows each of their individual personalities). Jump in, but be yourself! Be honest & real with them. It’s OK to say “You know, I’m not used to being around kids, but you guys are so much fun that I want to learn & get used to it” It’s OK to say “I need a break!”

    When I started seriously dating my husband, who was a divorced dad, I had lots of babysitting experience, have a huge extended family, but was used to kids being temporary visitors, which is very different from parenting. So, I hit amazon.com & internet search engines & went crazy – studying, researching, learning & thinking about parenting.

    But, I think what really helped were the conversations that my husband & I had with each other regarding parenting philosophies, goals, methods, etc. The research that I had done brought new ideas into the mix, along with my previous experience with children in my life. The experiences & research that he had done in his life (he’s got a degree in psychology) brought a unique perspective for him, as well. So, we talked & talked & tried things & laughed & cried & tried new things & did more research & brought new ideas & experiences into it, creating a fusion that we use to parent now.

    So, in addition to easing myself into parenting, our conversations about parenting brought (and still bring) us closer together, as they help us work out honest, polite, respectful communication with each other.

    Talk to your BF about your feelings. Be honest! Listen to him with an open heart & mind. Talk to the kids, honestly, about how you feel & listen right back to them, too. Build real, respectful, fun relationships with all of them.

  9. The 2 year old shouldn’t be a problem, they are pretty easy to entertain. (read books, play blocks, attention!!, etc.) The 5 and 8 yr old might pose to be more difficult. I have a 5 and 8 yr old from a previous marriage and my kids have a hard time with my current boyfriend. They definetly get upset if he gets on to them, because “he’s not my daddy” But we have been together for 3 years and he’s not going anywhere and kids do have to be disciplined and you have that right if you are around these kids often. Just be careful, but if you plan on staying around for awhile they have to learn to listen to you and their dad because you may have to keep them when their dad is gone to the store or whatever. Good luck with it!

  10. being around kids is far more easyier then bein with an adult my kids are 3,5,8 and to make things fun i collect all the boxes from cerals and yogurt pots and buttons an other little things like that and we all sit on the floor glueing and painting things its great fun and the kids love showing there dad the end results
    there are a couple of links below and they have things that u and the kids can do together if u wanna get a big thumbs up make fairy cakes let the kids decorate them with all different toppings works for mine all the time
    i think u will do a good job if u are going to this length to make the kids happy then im sure when ur with them they will love it
    hope this helps xoxox

  11. Ask them what they would like to do. Take them to the park play baseball, soccer, or just throw a Frisbee. Anything outside is fun. Just try and be there friend and not a mother figure for now. They need to see you as there friend then they will open up to you. Best of luck your taking on a lot!!

  12. Ok…2 year old…Its been my experience that they can be clingy to the parent so don’t fret if he/she doesn’t really make any moves to communicate. on the other hand, once they break that ice with you, you’ll have a big fan, I can pretty much promise you that. One little trick that I’ve learned is to blow bubbles (w/ bubble gum) and let it pop. For some reason, 2 year olds find that fascinating. Just a little something to break the ice.
    The five year old shouldn’t be a big problem either. Again, they can be clingy and a bit harder than the 2 year old to amuse. Ask him/her if they know their abc’s or how high they can count. Chances are they’ve learned one or the other. Also, compliment them. At that age, they love to hear “Your dress is really pretty” or “Your shoes are really cool.” If they have a character on their shirt (such as Spongebob or Cinderella) ask them who that character is (even if you already know). WHen they tell you, ask them if they like that show or movie or whatever. Get them talking about anything…it’s easy.
    The 8 year old may pose a harder problem simply b/c they’re older and form their own impressions pretty quickly. Ask your boyfriend what that child is interested in and get the child to talk about it. If it’s a tv show, mention that you watched it and see if their reaction opens up to let you talk about it (it would help if you actually did watch it, lol). If its a sport, talk about that. Don’t use any opinionated sentences unless its positive. Let them do all the talking and just lead the conversation along.
    Above all, act natural and smile a lot at the children. They can sense if you are thinking “I wish these children weren’t around.”

  13. Be yourself… Be happy…be nice…nd tell that guy ur with ur scared so he can lead you through this (:

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