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I am trying to find free adult dating?


  1. Go to a bar

  2. plentyoffish.com

  3. Gtfo the computer n go look outside

  4. No free site is “good”. But Date hook up is ok.

  5. Karleen Vanbramer

    It’s all about Yes or No. 🙂
    Looking for an excellent internet dating website then consider
    provides the solution to your personal main problem

  6. facespace or whatever it is the kids are all over

  7. most sites are free to join —- if you want to have unrestricted access to profiles then you need to pay —- you cant get out of it —- however find a site that will allow you access to the chat rooms for free — you can talk to people get an idea if you want to know them better and work out a way to exchange your IM addys —- you can do it just need to be careful as its frowned upon ie it sneaks past you needing to pay to get in touch with someone —- do a google search ——- have fun

  8. There’s gonna no free at this time!

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