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I have an adult rabbit and want a baby rabbit?

I have an adult rabbit named Pixie Have you is very dominate goal When It comes to other animals is sweet. She loves care and likes to cuddle. I have lots of time to Spend with her goal When not in school I feel shes not getting enough playtime and attention to while away. I have beens wanting Reviews another pet and think a new bunny Would be a good playmate. I thought a baby aussi One Would make her nicer: towards it. Would this work out?

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  1. The Official Rabbit Encyclopedia

    If she isn’t spayed or you won’t get her spayed, then no, probably not. Bunnies are very hormonal, and if not spayed usually will not tolerate any other bunnies in their territory. Bunny fights can be very vicious, believe me, I have witnessed it! They can often end up seriously injuring or killing each other. What you should do, is take her to a vet, get her checked over and get a quote on how much it will cost to have her spayed. Then do it.

    There are other benefits to getting her spayed. Unspayed females rabbits have an 80% chance of dying from uterine cancer by the time they reach 4 years. By having her spayed you are totally eliminating that figure.

    If/once you have her spayed, and then healed up. Find a rabbit rescue. Seriously, much better then going to a pet shop! Pet shop rabbits often have healthy problems, don’t come spayed/neuteured and the pet shop owners are unhelpful and give out incorrect information. Use google to find a shelter or rescue with rabbits. Most of them will let you go there with your spayed rabbit and let you do ”bunny dates” with the males there, that come already fixed, to see which one she chooses. Not all bunnies will bond, so this is a great way to see who she likes and who she wants to have as a buddy.

    This way you won’t just end up with two seperate, lonely bunnies. I hope I helped and good luck!

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