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I saw a picture of my friend one year ad for an “adult-dating site”?

I saw a picture of my friend one year ad for an “adult-dating site.” It surprised me a bit and now it got me thinking. So my questions is: How do websites get the pictures Those for Their ads? Do They Just pull ’em off the internet? Or do not they Have to Have consent from the person? Another factor Is That my friend is a year amateur model, so if They Do Need consents, Could They Just go to some companies / groups she’s Modeled for and get her picture from ’em, seeing as she crams agrees to Those organisms in the first place? Any answer from Someone with experience in the modeling industry or experience with this lot of stuff Would Be Greatly appreciated. Eventually I do plan on her Asking myself, I’d like a little objective knowledge on the issue first.


  1. When you sign up for an adult dating site you check a box stating that they have permission to use their pictures for advertising.

    I would say your friend is on there.

  2. stop playing this guessing game! askkkk herrr!

  3. Not all dating sites are equal, they dont all run ads the same way or get pictures from the same place. I run an adult dating site myself. It doesnt mean shes on the site, it could also mean:

    1. They pulled the pictures from off myspace or facebook. I see this done a lot. They wont get in legal trouble because they will never get caught, the ads rotate every hour, so theres no way she would ever prove that it was her picture in the ad because it will disappear in an hour (or whatever time frame they set it to) and a new face will be up there. They make thousands of ads from thousands of ripped pictures and rotate them.

    2. She signed up for a site, that sold the list to the adult site. I sell the lists of my members to other people. If somebody signs up for my site, it says in the details that I have the right to sell their pictures and information to other companies. Facebook, Myspace, they all have this in their details, though they dont do it because they are so popular now and dont need to do it. I started my website with fake members. I started the website with pictures and names and stuff which I bought from someone else. That person who sold them to me must have had a site where they signed up, and then copied all the pictures and sells them to people. Perfectly legal if its part of the terms of service. Look on ebay, theres plenty of people selling dating sites “with members already”. They just made a dating site, then copied the site and sell the pictures and everything to other people, telling them that its real members but who dont use the site anymore. They are really just copies.

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