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If a legal adult dating is a minor, but never with her Has Sex. . . ?

and then she lies and says That THEY DID, is There Any Way for the male to PROVE THEY That fired, return not? This is not year actual situation, a similar situation in order injustement That a friend of mine is considering putting Himself Into and I’m Trying to Tell Him how HE IS STUPID! So, if this DID happen. . . How Would They Did not PROVE THEY? Is that Even Possible?


  1. The only way to prove he never had sex with her is if she is physically a virgin. You are very right – your friend IS STUPID! Does he really think his little GF is never going to get mad at him?

  2. He only way he could prove it is if she broke down and told the truth under questioning. But your friend is a schmoe if he puts himself into that situation.

  3. More than likely he would be suspected of doing something from seeing her nude, touching her to actual sex. The only way to prove he dated her, but never even touched her, seen her nude would be to have a trial and hope a good lawyer and the best jury he can find will acquit him of any charges.

  4. There is no way for him to prove he didn’t. There would be an investigation and the girl would probably be believed.

    That’s why they are called “jail bait”. He’s playing with fire.

  5. I’m a lawyer currently defending a client who has been falsely accused of rape.

    My opinion? Tell your friend to stay away. There’s no guarantee that she will ever make a false accusation, but if she did, he’d be in serious trouble. The law technically requires the prosecution to prove guilt, but in cases like this, the reality is that he’d have to prove his innocence in order to avoid a real risk of being falsely convicted.

    Even if he did something like getting her to sign affidavits or make recordings swearing that they had a platonic relationship, it would get twisted to look as though he were trying to create false evidence to cover his evil plan, or something like that. If he’s much older than she, then a jury is going to assume the worst, because of the perceived power imbalance.

  6. Yeah, if he’s a guy and she’s half-way cute, or, indeed, available at all, everyone is going to assume they had sex. Heck, even if SHE said they didn’t, but, say, her mother says they did, people will assume that, hey, he’s a guy, what’s he hanging around for, if not the sex? He finds her intellectually stimulating? Hahahaha. Tell you friend to stay well clear.

  7. First off, I am not a lawyer just giving my opinion here. I in no way would date neither sleep with an under aged girl I’ll rather solicit a prostitute than sleeping with an under aged girl, even though both are illegal but I’d rather do the latter.
    As far as I am concerned, I believe that your (male) friend has no chance in court to prove they did not have sex especially if she is trying to frame him. A girl’s voice is more valuable in court than that of a male she will definitely have an easy day in court and I bet you that your male friend (I am not wishing it for him) will end up in a jail cell for a long period.
    Since he accepted to date her there is nothing else. They should not have dated in the first place period.

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