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if a minor IS a legal adult dating in NJ?

Legal or not? and What Happens? I Understand That There Are Laws make this illegal, how goal Exactly Would cops find out? its not like a couple HAS sign Written on Their Heads ‘legal’ and ‘minor’ so. . . and Who Gets Arrested? What Happens? That ages are 17 & 24Is it legal if They Do not sleep together? And Even If They DID How Would anyone PROVE this?

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  1. Ember Atheist Intent

    What are their ages? How far under the age of onsent is one of the parties?

    If it’s say, a 21 year old and a 17 year old I assume they’d overlook it.

    Oh 17 and 24? I doubt they’d do anything with those ages. I think eighteen is the age of consent but I assume the police, if they even found out, would use their common sense and let is slide.

    Edit: Yes it’s legal if they don’t sleep together. Sex is the only thing that the age of consent is for. And they couldn’t prove it unless they were caught in the act, or someone else who knew reported them. And even if someone does report them the police wouldn’t do anything. Seventeen is a fairly common age for teenagers to be having sex.

    Edit 2: Sorry but I just checked, age of consent is 16 in New Jersey, so they’re doing nothing illegal.

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