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If I Placed year ad looking for adult females willing to spank me for year Agreed upon price, is this illegal?

I am a man [of course!] With a strong spanking fetish and the ladies I date these days are not doing it for me in this area. So I figure INSTEAD of wasting any more time “converting” chic who dont have the spanking fetish, I’d advertise and Effective Weeded out who’s really legit about this whole thing, maybe from there I Could start thinking long term relationship?


  1. ~ 33 weeks - 7 more to go! ~

    Put em on the books to make it legit…

  2. Curious Said Alice

    Consult the forum you want to place this ad. They should have guidelines for improper or illegal ads.

  3. You need to seperate the line between fantasy and reality. You cannot in all realistic circumstances expect someone to be instantly into spanking. If you find someone that is, you’re very lucky to the point of lottery winner. Paying for it is all very well and you may get your jollies but how practical is that in a meaningful relationship? Maybe all you want just now is to be spanked, but
    surely one day you may want to settle down, maybe have kids… or maybe not. Sounds to me like a good spanking is your idea of a one night stand compared to a guy who just likes average sex. The major issue for you is that normal sex, in you own words, doesn’t do it for you, and this is where the problem lies. But also, if you’re comfortable with it then there is no problem. The problem, if it exists, is in your head, and only you can solve it. I’m not 100% sure that searching for it online is the answer, but then again, I’m no armchair physicist, do what you want man, it’s your life.

  4. There are any number of fetish singles sites on line, just do a web search for spanking singles in your area. The Shadow Lane site is good starting point, they’re national and include a section for those kind of ads. Have fun.

  5. e-mail me and we can go from there.

    (No need for any “conversion”, nor for money to change hands.)

  6. Okay, let me tackle this question in parts.

    No, it’s not illegal, providing there are no sexual acts that will be performed along with the spanking. This means either party coming in contact with the other party’s genitalia, or any kind of insertion. In other words, as long as your spanking deal doesn’t slide across the thin line into prostitution, you should be fine.

    Now, are you looking for a quick fix, or hoping to find a long term relationship? If you want the quick fix, then paying for it should be fine for you. However, you will never find a long term relationship by paying someone to spank you. The girls that you will find will be more into your money than you, and probably won’t really have any interest in spanking you except for your money. In other words, they become spankos as long as money’s involved, but have no true interest in the kink.

    If you want to find a long term relationship, and someone that actually enjoys the act of spanking you, then online is the perfect place to find it, contrary to what another reply has said. Try the spanking groups in Yahoo or Myspace, or try fetish networking sites like SpankoLife, Fetlife, and the World Fetish Forum. All of these are invaluable resources for spankos who want to find someone to play with, or for that relationship that they’re looking for.

    Good luck.

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