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If There Were No Age of Consent Laws, do you think Many adult women dating teenage boys Would start?

They Are Attracted to Them Are not they?


  1. No. Not unless they are pretty screwed up in the head.

  2. No, Not I at least!

  3. Yes and vice versa.

  4. Repository Supository

    I think all hell would break loose. .. (because people are dicks)

  5. i think it would be the other way around
    waay more adult men are gonna go for the teen girlies

  6. no, most women like men older than they are.

  7. Benjamin Yap Zhen Rong

    I think so.

  8. Some people have morals.

  9. Maybe but there would be plenty the other way as well. Older men dating teenage girls.

  10. Yep, probably.

  11. i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!

    No, because part of them would want a mate that can support them.

  12. Dating? No. Adult women already complain that men are immature.

    Being attracted to them doesn’t = dating them.

  13. no i thing that these women would be immature!!

  14. i dont know about that.. are they attracted to them?
    i’d think it be the other way around

  15. I think so. I really think that they would. Adult men get with teen girls, so ‘t adult women get with teenage boys.

  16. Sadly, I have to agree with you. At my former workplace, one of the supervisors was always flirting with underage boys. It scared some of them and they used to complain to me. However, there are many adult women like myself who just see teenage boys as kids and don’t really view them in a sexual way.

  17. No.
    Because no self respecting teenager would go out with a woman well over 20 years older than them.
    I know no teenage boys that find older women attractive, I’m pretty sure that’s a myth.
    As for the women, I don’t know how many would actually like to go out with a younger boy, but I think they find them attractive, which is different.

  18. hmm, I am 22 years old and I would never even think about dating or touching anyone even a day younger than me

    Just personal opinion, but no I think it would more so be guys that slept with younger girls.. But eh, seems to me like some of them do it anyway, so I dont think some live by that law anyway!

  19. I fckin wish, I am 20 years old I cant even get a girl who is one year older than me to go out with me because of what her friends would think of her dating a younger guy. I hate how some of us mature guys are stuck with dating teeny boppers.

  20. No, I seriously doubt that they would date them. Teenage boys are a pretty unappealing lot, in my opinion, having recently been one. Some of them are hot, and older women might want to get some of that on the side, but for serious dating, most of them fail at being emotional mature or financially independent, definite downsides in the dating game. I can and do see older men dating teenage women, it’s happened throughout history. Adult men, as opposed to adult women, are generally more concerned with youth and physicality over long-term commitment and support. Also, teenage girls are often really hot. QED.

  21. you mean like pedophiles?

  22. nothing wrong is there?

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