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Illinois adult dating a minor?

Ok so there is this girl im trying to get shes 20 im 15 yeah a bit of a age diff purpose I dont care. Its not that bad. She turned me down Because she thinks icts illegal. . Would it be legal If I had parental consent or not.


  1. No. Besides, she’d use you and spit you out, little boy. You don’t even drive yet.

    Stick with the little girls at recess.

  2. Ok, I think you need to look up the definition of statutory rape. It’s not illegal to hang out w/ someone age 20. But any sexual contact w/ a minor is against the law. You ain’t fooling anyone here. I know what you want. Don’t drag her down b/c you can’t keep your hormones in check.

  3. If your parents consent it, its okay, but it is illegal, as long as noone tries to take legal action its okay, just got to remember she has a 5 year difference and she is more mature so your ways can end up in a bad situation, Good luck (:

  4. No it would not be legal. She is a grown-up and you are a child. Date girls your age.*

  5. ‘Dating’ is not illegal. Having sex with a minor is. In Illinois, the age of consent is 17; before that point it would be illegal for her to have sex with you. She could, however, go to the movies with you and have dinner with you – in other words, go on ‘dates’ – (as long as your parents allowed you to) without fear of prosecution.

    I have not thoroughly checked Illinois law, but there may also be provisions that would prevent her from ‘making out’ with you as well. In other words, you would probably have to avoid any physical contact of a sexual nature, not just intercourse.

    One thing you might consider, however, is that she is trying to politely turn you down without crushing your feelings. She’s 20. You are 15. That’s not a big deal when you’re talking about 40 and 45 – but at 15 and 20, it’s a HUGE developmental gulf.

  6. It’s illegal. Parental consent is not the issue. She could be charged with statutory rape regardless of what your parents say.

  7. In illinois It’s illegal. as i know… but in general… just have a sex )

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