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I’m really int? Ress? ? cr? first site online dating site or r? seautage adult and ask some questions?

About how much should co? B? How do I go on? S startup of this? Any advice? And finally, do you have any useful links? I tried? google the question for information, but I get advice on the fa? you find the right online dating site for me. R if you could? Lay? all these questions, I’d tr? pleased. Thank you!


  1. I’d probably begin by scoping out the potential market. Example look at this site http://best-free-dating-site-usa.blogspot.com/
    , how they work.
    Now that Oasis Active has come along as a 100% free dating site, it might be hard for you to offer a better alternative. You could look into niche markets within the online dating market – like specialising in over 40’s or something like that. It is likely that you would have to offer a free service to attract any customers and make your money through advertisers…there will have to be a fairly large volume of traffic before they’ll look at you though.

    My advice is to take some time to determine the feasibility of your product. Work out your competitive advantage (what are you going to offer that someone else cannot) and focus on that. Then you can work out the details form there…

  2. One of the first things you need to do is write a business plan. This will help you to determine the size and scope of your business and help you answer most of the questions you have regarding starting up a website.

  3. you can try http://www.pornhost.com Think you might find a few links there as well.

  4. Daddy's Baby Girl

    well if you use something like webs.com its free to creat a website then you need to figure out how much you will charge for people to join like a dollar a week or something like that then you need a layout maybe for their info have them post a video talking about themselves and for matches probably get them to take a personality quiz
    ~~~Daddy’s Baby Girl~~~

  5. Jannie

    A friend of mine dated quite a few guys and ended up becoming involved a fair bit to her detriment. Overall she didn’t give up and quite enjoyed the experience. Until she met her current guy – now they’re happy together and involved with some great things.

    I think its a great way to go, myself. But be prepared for a rocky road at times, it’s fun, but not easy at times due to the fact that people aren’t always what they seem in the pictures and their descriptions.

    Be careful to meet in public and to not give up your privacy – don’t trust automatically.

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