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In law what is the year for Florida adult dating a minor?

Me and my boyfriend Have Been dating for 5 months. ET is 17 i am 15. later turning ET Will Be 18. my mom wants me to break up with HIM. she says icts illegal for me To Be dating an “adult” but i do not think it is. i care very much for HIM and my birthday is a month historical After After ET turns 18 so i Will Be turning 16 very soon. hes only 2 yrs and 1 month older than me we do not plan on having sex purpose we still arent aloud to date? is There Any law exposant i can still date my boyfriend to PROVE to my mom i do not have to break up with him? please please please help I could not break up with HIM we care about Each Other ET is full respect to my parents. i really need help!! And if possible, please leave links so i can PROVE to my mom icts legal oz i live in Florida again thank you to everyone Who Will help me! Appreciate your answers itseriously i have-nots Helped at all: (i Asked for proof i Asked for help not your smart ass comments. ARNT WE HAVE SEX TO GOTING Because He is just turning 18 Does not mean ET is going to take advantage Any freaking guy Could take advantage! dossnt Matter If There 12 or 85


  1. hes a freak and a predator break up with him and find someone younger then you so you dont get taken advantage off

  2. The Lonely Ape Man

    Be careful! Do you research – not just on Y!A. he could get in serious trouble (especially if your mom goes crazy).

    They really have to better define these laws… a 18 and a 16 year old together aren’t what we as parents are fearing!

  3. Of course it’s legal. If you were to have sex, then there would be complications, though.

    Your mum obviously doesn’t respect him, or doesn’t want you dating him/anybody. If she can’t give you an actual reason other than scaring you with her fabricated laws, then I highly doubt she has any reason for feeling this way at all.

  4. It’s legal for you both to date. Once he is 18, and you are under 16, Florida law does not permit him to ask you to touch him. You already know that sex is not permitted. Maybe mom will be more comfortable if you go out in a group with other teens.

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