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Is 13 years age difference to much to date?

Hears the deal. Im 33 and shes 20. We Both hang out alot and get along very well. We Both are Christans and believe That sex is only betweens a married couple. We want to date each other ‘goal Were Will not sure how people react to our age difference. We Have Heard of couples Being 16 and even 20 years apart purpose there Normally older couples. They Had to start dating at some points though. What do you think?


  1. As long as bot of y’all is 18, I don’t see a problem

  2. i dont think that the age difference really matters.

  3. that looks pretty tough to me. Its a bit too much difference.

  4. ur fine go for it. thats not that much of a difference.

  5. age ain’t nothing but a number!!!!!

  6. sounds fine to me, i mean whats it matter if anyone else is ok with it? youre both mature adults.

  7. Hm… this is definitely a difficult question… if you think dating will go over well, i say go for it.

  8. That’s certainly not, especially if you’re both intent on being celibate.

  9. My parents are 16 years apart and they’ve been married for over twenty years. I don’t think that age should manner once you’re beyond your teens, especially if you two have the same values. What people think doesn’t matter. God’s opinion is more important- pray about it.

  10. that is ok you can do this. the thing is my hubby and i were 20 years apart. he was 50 sme i was 30 sme. its when one dies that its hard for the one left to deal with life if you are close. you always date soemone you are close to in things such as life, likenesses and stuff be firends and then date.


  12. If you believe it could work, go with your gut. Just know that the road will be difficult, and you’ll face a lot more criticism and rejection that you would in a normal relationship. If the sound of that doesn’t scare you away, go ahead and give it a try. :]

  13. go for it. as long as she’s legal

  14. age doesn’tt matter it depends on how mature she is and as long as she over 23 at least because 18 is still a baby but yea theres nothing wrong about your story its not like she 13 and your 33 lol.

  15. I think you’re reading too much into the age thing here! 13 years is nothing, it should not matter at all. I know a couple who are 17 years apart and the woman was older than the man….now that was a weird thing, but they loved each other.

    So if you’re both adults in this case and your being 33 and her being 20 should not matter at all. At least she is old enough to be dating and you are still young enough to date someone that age! I know many couples in that age range and I am sure it does not bother society in the least.

    If this is about your religious beliefs, then I would say it should be alright in that point of view also, if you keep your courtship to a respectable thing and not try to be alone with her. Emotions can get in the way and make it harder to control yourselves.

    Either way, it does not look or even sound wrong. Go for it and best wishes! May your union be blessed!

  16. In some cases, it might be too much.

    In your case, it doesn’t sound like it is too big a difference. Reason is, it sounds like you are both very mature and wise in your values. Since you plan to be so wise and cautious in the dating process, why not give it a try? Yeah, some people may not approve, but people often find other reasons not to approve anyway… there will always be those people.

    You are both adults. You obviously want to respect and honor one another. If people gossip about you, it is their sin.

  17. When I was 40 I was dating a 24 year old. When we were together it was fabulous, but when we were apart all I could think of was the age difference. We got along great and had fun together, but it just wasn’t for me. I guess what I’m telling you is it all depends on the two of you. It shouldn’t matter about anyone else!

  18. i think is ok to date her because there’s people that have 28 years and their dating an 42 years old man. my parents have 15 years of difference.

  19. For me,I think its okay that you go out with her,knowing that she is 13 years younger than you,its just digits,it has nothing to do with how your relationship will go. And don’t worry about the people who will react in a negative way when the two of you date each other,if you like her and she likes you too I don’t see anything bad about it,and as they always say AGE DOESN’T MATTER.

  20. It is close call. If the 20 year old female is a rural resident, I feel she has not seen the world and is being trapped into an early marriage that is unfair to her. 13 years is kind of extreme due to youth and lack of exposure to the world of the female.

  21. there is nothing wrong with it

  22. I don’t see a problem with it. It’s not the norm, but there are many where the age difference is much greater than yours. Have a happy life.

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